Apr 23

Smartphone In Bangladesh



Size 59.5*38.5*12.8 mm
Surface treatment Electroplating zinc alloy sand UV;
Package Size Color box:103*103*73mm ;Outer box:220*250*380mm
Weight N.W:70g ; G.W:197g
Memory 128M+64M ;Support up to 32GB TF card;
Display 1.54” inch IPS 了LCD; 240*240 pixel
Touch screen OGS Capacitive touch screen,full lamination
Blueteeth Ver 3.0
Camera 1.3M;
Battery 350mAh
Blueteeth connecting Standby:>1 week;
Normal use :>2 days;
G-sensor Pedometer、Sedentary Reminder、Sleeping Monitor;Anti-loss;Remote camera;
Language Chinese English French German Spain Portugal Russia Italia Netherland Thailand Vietnam Arabic India Malaysia Indonesia



Tel GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900;
Phone book;Bluetooth Dialer, Call Reminder, Bluetooth Call,Call records,Hands free answering
Blueteeth Call;
Text Local text;Bluetooth SMS/IM Message Notified
Entertainment MP3、MP4、AVI;Blueteeth Music playing;
Call reminder Rings and Buzz reminder;
Clock display 3 different clock displays;
Anti lost Anti lost reminder;
Bi-directional searching;
Pedometer Step calculation、Calories consumption calculation
、Walking distance calculatioin;
Sedentary Reminder Sedentary Reminder;
Sleeping Monitor Sleeping Monitor;
Location Watch camera;Local memory;Format:PNG、JPG
Text Locating
Other functions Alarm clock, Calendar;Stopwatch;Calculator
Bluetooth reminder QQ、Wechat、Whats App、Facebook;
Text reminder;
News app、System settings;
Daily schedule;Synchronization;
Time setting Synchronization;

NFC suooort, QQ、WeChat、Twitter、Facebook、whats app; Sleeping monitor、Sedentary reminder。

Price: TK-3200/= Only

Visit: Trade International

May 25

Free Score India -Credit Cards Guidelines For Newly Weds

Free Score India has get on the track of dispersal knowledge on credit wellness among grassroots since it plays a very important role in the financial comfort of an individual. Established in 2013, Free Score India is proprietary brand of Credit Sudhaar Finance Pvt. Ltd. Credit worthiness since gets judged through the three digit numerical expression reproducing on ones credit report; Free score India, has taken upon the task of scattering the alertness on the position of credit worthiness by extending free credit score.You can learn from Free Score India -how credit bureaus are impacting loan approval in India, making free cibil score a reality, role of Read the rest of this entry »

May 21

Prescription Discount Cards

Discount prescription cards are pre-approved cards which are released totally free for anyone in the U.S. by having an intention to help individuals reduce their prescriptions. Prepaid credit cards need no enrollment with no states file and you will find no financial risks or hidden costs too. Many might be believing that the prescription discount cards are charitable organization made by someone. But, that isn’t exactly true. It’s purely business. Before focusing on how the card works, you ought to be aware of participants from the business.

Participants in e-commerce

• Patient. People are the primary participants in Read the rest of this entry »

May 17

Yerba Mate Weight Loss

With many different unhealthy foods available for sale today, it comes down as no real surprise that the large percentage end up just a little overweight. Regrettably, weight and weight problems is a problem that’s frequently overlooked by individuals – that’s, until signs and symptoms and complications arise. Only then do we start to think hard about biting right into a big juicy hamburger. To know more aboutYerba Mate Weight Loss, visit our website for more information.

Mixing today’s career-driven population and Read the rest of this entry »

May 16

Yerba Mate Gourd

A conventional plant in South Usa may be the next major advance within the weight loss industry which plant is yerba mate. It’s a tree cultivated in Paraguay, South america and northern Argentina. For hundreds of years, the vesiculosus yerba mate is consumed like a traditional drink. The leaves are utilized to make cold and hot drinks, which is drunk to avoid fatigue, loss of appetite and also to stimulate metabolic process, hence it’s also known as the yerba mate energy drink. Additionally, it shows 5-lipoxygenase inhibitory activity which will help in some instances of mild to moderate bronchial asthma. Recently, extracts of yeba mate has mainly experienced the meals marketplace for weight loss reasons. To know more about Yerba Mate Gourd, visit our website today.

It consists of over 250 known natural compounds, especially alkaloids, caffeine, theobromine and Read the rest of this entry »

May 01

Agen Judi Online

You will find a variety of types of gambling from betting in the equine races or your favourite teams or trying the time in a casino game. With present day chronilogical age of the pc you are able to gamble online at the many online sporting or casino websites. Just how does online gambling rival traditional gambling. For information on Agen Judi Online, visit our website today!

To begin with, online gambling could be completed in enhanced comfort of your home supplying you’ve got a computer by Read the rest of this entry »

May 01

Advertising Automation Platform

Maybe you have considered using Facebook ads? There are were built with a chance of using Facebook, then you need to realize that it’s one of the most popular social networks available today. In fact, you will find over 60-2 million people worldwide positively utilizing it also it keeps growing every day. The website itself enables you to definitely build systems of buddies, find original copies and make new associations. For more information about advertising automation platform, visit our website. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 29

Eir Broadband Packages

Broadband could be stated a pseudo reputation for internet. Internet connects one using the world and broadband makes that connection more effective and faster. It’s possible to broaden his/her horizon with the aid of it. The communication is now a fundamental dependence on the people and internet is among the fundamental tools with its help it’s possible to talk to one another with much ease. Formerly dial-up connections were utilised for this function however the connectivity really was slow. This is exactly why broadband makes picture. Broadband may be the system that transfer info on number of wavelengths. So with broadband it’s possible to ensure better connectivity. Generally broadband is of three types Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband and Wireless Broadband. Home broadband is easily the most viable an popular option previously mentioned three. For more information about eir broadband packages, visit our website to know more.

Home broadband is popular inside the British people because it provides them the posh of hooking up using the whole wide world inside the convenience of their houses. You will find quantity of broadband companies in United kingdom and because of the ever growing competition together, the customers come with an advantage because they have varied options to select from. A surfer can pick any package which compliments his demands an usage too. You will find limitless installing packages available however with a good usage clause. They are able to download games through this kind of package that are regarded as quite heavy files. Many people need high speeds for his or her work so that they choose individuals packages which inserts to their criteria. Home broadband generally provides high-speed browsing to the clients. Earlier there was once some complaints concerning the speed and connectivity. However the broadband companies have elevated their spectrum so customers aren’t worrying anymore.

A few of the large gamers within the area of home broadband are namely, Vodafone, Virgin media, BT, Sky, Plusnet etc. which companies offers different packages that are fit for nearly every consumer.

With the rise in competition within this sector and also the accessibility to various packages has managed to get hard to pick one particular package. Here shopping online sites makes picture. Ideas compares different deals at one place and may select the right deal. It’s possible to become familiar with the price and also the duration together with the rate and also the schemes the organization needs to offer. Only one needs to be cautious while selecting packages because the companies have contracts and something needs to bide through the conditions and terms from the contract. If your surfer breaks that contract he then /she needs to pay a large penalty. Therefore if user wish to enjoy broadband connection straight from a person’s home go for home broadband and visit these websites that will give user all the details at one place.

Some customers keep worrying that they’re really inflammed using the looped wires and when they need to slowly move the router in one spot to another they need to feel the tiresome procedure for getting rid of the wires first after which fixing them again. On their behalf the broadband companies have develop a distinctive solution which is Wireless Home Broadband. The broadband speed is nice and an individual can download things having a blink of the eye. And contains end up being the primary feature that the majority of the clients search for online. The costs aren’t excessive as in comparison with other broadband services. Want to know more about eir broadband speeds? Visit our website today for more information.

So home broadband is really a appropriate response to all of the broadband needs in the very best world which place is known as home.

Mar 29

Pure Telecom Broadband

Broadband services are acquired by a lot of. It’s very necessary to choose the best broadband package. When considering definite decision you want to do enough research. Home broadband services are supplied by many broadband companies. The cost of these services can vary on certain things. Broadband companies may charge less amount of cash for any low speed broadband package. However, high-speed broadband package might be pricey. So, before choosing for just about any package, you have to decide upon what purpose you use your broadband as well as for the length of time it will likely be used. Based on these 4 elements, you have to pick the broadband speed. Evaluating different broadband packages or options is extremely important. You are able to compare broadband options from the reliable source. For more information about pure telecom, visit our website to know more.

Traditional Internet is called dial-up. Within this system, you have to dial the telephone line to obtain the online sites. Broadband access to the internet product is outfitted having a better technology. It provides high broad band speed towards the customers. The rate of transmitting data is greater in broadband internet system than dial-up system. The broadband line can transport more details than dial-up. The brand new broadband product is outfitted with a few innovative features. It is extremely economical and quicker than other traditional internet systems. The cost is dependent around the physical locations. Broadband offers many facilities towards the clients. Customers can send great deal of data with the broadband internet. The term ‘broadband’ describes any circuit or signal that handles a higherOrwide selection of wavelengths. This term is usually utilized in reference with anything of wide frequency.

The recognition of broadband is growing as time passes. However a disappointing factor is the fact that its service is dependent around the areas. Broadband service can’t be acquired at reasonable prices in a few areas, particularly the rural parts. Individuals the rural areas need to choose costly satellite choices to avail the broadband service. But it’s difficult for the individuals to spend a lot of money for availing the service from the broadband.

Broadband Options

You will find different broadband options, including satellite, Cable and dsl. Line can be used within the digital customer or DSL system to directly carry digital signals. The good thing is it doesn’t need transforming digital signals to analog signal. You could get much greater data rates through DSL. It’s not necessary to dial-up constantly to gain access to the web. The good thing is you can you should use the web and also the phone alongside. Same broadband could be connected in 2 computer systems. Want to know more about pure telecom broadband? Visit our website today for more information.

Broadband ease of access

Before choosing broadband package you must do proper research. Many internet companies offer broadband service for several quantity of costs. The cost differs with respect to the connectivity options and cost from the service. You must do enough research when considering definite decision. You are able to speak to your local broadband service and look for the packages provided by them. After evaluating different packages, you have to go ahead and take decision. Broadband comparison is extremely important.

Mar 24

স্মার্ট ন্যানো ড্রোন

ONAGOfly সবচেয়ে সাশ্রয়ী মূল্যের অত্যন্ত ক্ষমতাশীল একটি স্মার্ট ন্যানো ড্রোন। এটা জিপিএস এবং উচ্চ মাঝামাঝি ভিডিও ক্যামেরা ড্রোন আকারে স্বয়ংক্রিয় অনুসরণ করে।এটার ফটো ও ভিডিওগুলি ১৫ মেগাপিক্সেল এবং ১০৮০p। ONAGOfly অত্যন্ত বুদ্ধিসহকারে ইনফ্রারেড প্রযুক্তি ব্যবহার করে লম্বা দেয়াল এবং গাছ এর ফাকে ছবি তুলতে সক্ষম। ONAGOfly ১৫ মিনিট সময় পযন্ত উড়তে সক্ষম।অত্যন্ত প্রয়োজনীয় একটি ড্রোন ONAGOfly

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